Picking up Pennies

Lucie and Avalon have just finished school and it’s time for summer break. They are ready for three months of fun and adventure. Little do they know, danger is about to spoil their plans.

When three successive crimes happened in their small town, it made junior sleuths out of Lucie and Avalon as they embark on a dangerous quest to find the criminal in Picking up Pennies.

Exciting and the first book of the planned mystery series by author J. D. Wellander, this tale brough to life by young detectives will surely entertain readers of all ages and walks of life!








The Wolf, a Lily and a Big Old Tongue

In this shadowy tale The Wolf, a Lily and a Big Old Tongue, two girls are catapulted from innocence to sheer horror after they make a terrifying discovery in a peaceful town on the North Shore of Lake Superior.